IBX Nail Treatment

IBX - Creating nail strength from within

Your own longer, more beautiful natural nails! 

A nail revolution that perfects what nature always intended. 

IBX is the first treatment of its kind. This penetrative toughening system works inside the nail instead of sitting on top like traditional nail services. IBX is a new kind of service offering professional help for weak and damaged nails. This intensive strengthening treatment works so you can build up length and durability, starting from the inside out. 

IBX actually fuses the layers in the upper portion of the nail plate together with an interpenetrating polymer network (IPN). The formula locks itself within the nail plate making it a permament addition that will never need removal. 

 IBX can be used as a protective shield under Shellac to help reduce "white spots" on the surface of the nail or to grow your own natural nails and solve damaged areas such as splits and peeling. 


Benefits of the IBX system

As a nail growth treatment

  • Repair of severe nail damage to set the stage for growth
  • Toughens the nail plate to allow growth
  • Smooths the nail plate
  • Improves natural nail colour and appearance

Under Shellac

  • Creates a protective shield for the nail
  • Reducuction of "white spots" 
  • Creates the perfect base for longer lasting Shellac


Recommended treatment schedule:

Once weekly for

  • Damaged and very thin nails
  • Peeling
  • Serverly ridged and brittle nails
  • After enhancement removal

Every two weeks for 

  • Nails that are on the road to recovery
  • Difficulty with nail growth
  • Heavily grooved nails

Every three weeks for 

  • Maintenance mode to keep nails in good condition
  • Enhance polish wear
  • Beautiful nails with no polish



IBX on natural nails 20 mins £20.00

Includes file, IBX application, cuticle tidy and oil and buff finish.

IBX and Vinylux Manicure 1 hour £25.00

Includes file, IBX application, cuticle tidy, massage and Vinylux polish application. 

IBX and Shellac 1 hour 15 mins £30.00

Includes file, IBX application, cuticle tidy and Shellac finish.