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Nail Enhancements

Completely natural looking and highly durable nails. The length, shape and colour will be tailored to suit your lifestyle, skin tone and personality. 

Gel Nail Enhancements


Full set of gel extensions either sculpted or tips

Natural or clear                                                                   £45

French or colour                                                                 £50

Rebalance after 2-3 weeks  

Natural or Clear                                                                  £35

Colour or French                                                                £40


CND Plexigel Builder natural nail overlays 

Natural or Clear                                                                   £35

Colour or French                                                                £40


Nail Art add on

15 mins                                                                                £7.50

30 mins                                                                             £15.00


Safe removal of gel extensions/builder                           £20

nail file

Nail Art

The possibilities are endless! 

Glitter, stamping, chrome, foils, gems ombre, hand painting. Just ask and I'll get creative! 

Nail Art
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